What is your routine in the studio? Where do you begin?

I like to walk to my studio whenever possible. Its 5 miles through the Marin headlands and I get a choice of trails. Its the best way to clear my head and think about feelings and forms outside of the daily mind chatter.

Do you think of your work as belonging to one medium? Does it matter?

My work has moved through performance, photography, and now sculpture. It’s all related and medium specificity doesn’t matter. I would rather there be uncertainty about the medium.   Material specificity on the other hand, and how materials are paired, is important to me.

Is there conflict in your work (either in meaning or making)?

Always. Both.

Can you describe the mood of your current show?

A boutique crime scene with occult tendencies and slight traces of humor.

Favorite tool?

Nothing beats a hot glue gun. But, I am working on a tiny bucket foundry for casting metals which I hope will become my new favorite tool.

What rituals or tasks do you do in the studio aside from making work? 

Stretching, raiding the Headlands fridge for leftovers, cleaning mouse poop (not in that order).

How is your work impacted (if at all) by living/working in Sausalito?

Space and movement and entropy are all things I feel much more deeply and immediately living on the water. I am inspired daily by all the waterfront living solutions and the characters who live them. Then there are the sunsets, the doubling of the water, the changing of the birds… impacted.

Lastly (and related to the above question) can you can submit an image (cell phone pic is fine) of something in Sausalito that inspires you, relates to your work, you find funny, really any local pic that relates in some way. Maybe a sunrise for example…