The Marin Independant Journal reports that Sausalito’s controversial ferry landing project missed an important deadline yesterday, as city officials and Golden Gate Bridge transportation district officials continue to negotiate the size and scope of the proposed improvements.


Under its original application, the bridge district had until Thursday to have its proposal heard by the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, the final authority on the project. But span officials withdrew the plan after Sausalito residents complained and the City Council rejected the design.

Bridge officials said they had little choice but to withdraw, as Sausalito’s opposition would not have played well with the commission, which has repeatedly stated it wants compromise on the issue.

An all-day weekend meeting in late June at the Bay Model brought a positive exchange of ideas, said Tom Theodores, Sausalito’s mayor, but a new plan could not be readied in time to have it heard by the commission Thursday at its meeting.

Now Theodores is waiting for the bridge district to come back with an altered ferry dock plan.

Since its inception, the landing project has been dogged by accusations that the proposed improvements clash with Sausalito’s small-town aesthetic and seaside character. So, Sausalito, let’s see what we can come up with as an alternative. What improvements would you like to see? How would you provide a gateway to Sausalito? Draw up your ideas, and send them to We’ll feature your designs here, and who knows — we might just fix this..